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Solidigm D5-P5316 Datacenter SSD NVMe 4.0 (15.36-30.72TB) QLC U.2 15mm (<0.5 DWPD)


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Highly efficient, read-optimized PCIe 4.0 drives with capacities up to 30.72TB, designed for read-intensive and sequential workloads.

Formerly Intel® SSD D5-P5316

As data volume increases, storage becomes a growing challenge in terms of cost-effectiveness, physical footprint, and performance. Built with Solidigm’s most advanced Quad-Level Cell NAND, the Solidigm SSD D5-P5316 addresses those challenges by delivering industry-leading SSD storage density with the high bandwidth performance of a PCIe 4.0 interface.

The Solidigm D5-P5316 SSD includes up to 30.72TB of capacity, and as an E1.L, provides up to 1 petabyte of storage in just 1U of rack space. The result is massive storage consolidation for lower TCO.

Built on industry’s first 144-layer QLC

  • Consolidate and accelerate warm storage
  • Enables up to 1PB of storage in just 1U
  • Same quality and reliability as TLC
  • Available in U.2 & E1.L form factor

Unlock the value of stored data

Based on PCIe 4.0, the D5-P5316 SSD not only accelerates legacy HDD-based systems but also prior generation Solidigm SSD-based systems. Compared to HDDs, Solidigm’s newest SSD can accelerate access to stored data by up to 25x [1] while performance optimizations bring up to 2x higher sequential read performance, [2] up to 38% higher random read performance, [3] up to 48% better latency, [4] and up to 5x higher endurance versus the previous generation Solidigm SSD family. [5]

In addition to increased performance, the Solidigm D5-P5316 SSD offers storage footprint consolidation with up to 20x reduction of warm storage footprint. [6] Storage consolidation enables further operational savings, including power consumption, cooling costs, drive replacement, and technician support.

Firmware enhancements for drive performance, IT efficiency, data security, and manageability 

The Solidigm D5-P5316 SSD includes numerous firmware enhancements specifically optimized for both enterprise and cloud workloads to deliver better latency, [4] expanded management capabilities, and critical new NVMe features.

  • NVMe 1.3c and NVMe-MI1.0a-compliant
  • Scatter Gather List (SGL) removes the need to double-buffer host data
  • Persistent Event Log exposes deeper drive history for debugging at scale
  • Designed to enhance security with AES-256 Hardware Encryption, NVMe Sanitize, Firmware Measurement
  • Telemetry makes a wide range of stored data accessible and includes intelligent error tracking and logging. This increases the reliability of finding and mitigating issues and supports accelerated qualification cycles—all of which result in increased IT efficiency

Accelerate a range of data center workloads

The D5-P5316 SSD is designed from the ground up to optimize and accelerate storage in a range of Data Center workloads including but not limited to Content Delivery Network (CDN), Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI), Big Data, Artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud Elastic Storage (CES) and, High Performance Computing (HPC). Key architectural improvements accelerate a broad range of read workloads as well as large block sequential/random writes, while maintaining fast response time SLAs. The D5-P5316 can support all write sizes with a Quality of Service improvement scheme that maintains low read latency under write pressure.

NAND technology industry leader

Solidigm’s 144-layer 3D NAND technology delivers industry-leading areal density [7] and data retention, [8] enabling enterprise customers to confidently scale storage arrays to meet their growing needs. The swift adoption of software-defined and hyperconverged infrastructures increases the requirement to maximize efficiency, revitalize existing hardware, and increase server agility—all while maintaining operational reliability.

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Intel D5-P5316 15.36TB NVMe PCIe4x4 QLC U.2 <0.5 DWPD Beställningsvara 19 647,00 /st
Intel D5-P5316 30.72TB NVMe PCIe4x4 QLC U.2 <0.5 DWPD Beställningsvara 38 130,00 /st


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